December 30, 2012

Superior with the Dorais- Twice as good.

The silent and super low density snow fell perfectly on all aspects of the Little Cottonwood mountains this week. Amazingly no wind accompanied the last storm so the fluff produced turns that have been out of this world. Yesterday morning, in an effort to stay on safer compass aspects while still thoroughly enjoying the white puff we chose the sunny sides. Jason, Andy and I getting a late morning start, cruised up the skinner to the top of pole line then traversed the ridge to the summit of Mount Superior which was seeing a lot of attention. Traveling on light race gear the ascent was enjoyable (even though people probably laughed at Jason and Andy's skin suits). The snow was incredible. Reaching the bottom of the apron and then to the canyon road the smiles were covered in white.

Realizing how much fun we had we started back at the standard skinner and repeated it. Reaching the top the same way and skiing the same Southeast face of Superior again. Our times reaching the top  both times were quite similar. Just like seconds for dessert this was twice as good.  Mount Superior's Southeast face is so beautiful. I am grateful to have been able to feel its immense energy with great friends. After just over 3 hours from when we first put on the skis for the morning,  I got in my car and headed home to pick up the kids and Marcie for an afternoon at Alta.

Top of Superior

Looking down main chute (are those moguls?)

The newlywed Dorais ripping the pow high on Superior

Andy all smiles

Andy, his new Ski Trab pack and the Apron

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