December 26, 2016

A Collage of December Powder

It's been a great month. Holiday fun and some wonderful mornings out in the hills with friends. December is a special time of year, not only because of the many festivities but the snow is unique. Some of the coldest temperatures of the year tend to fill the morning hours of December, capturing the lightest personalities of the flakes. We have been fortunate enough to enjoy some.

Lars- Courtesy Jason Dorais

Jason Dorais and morning December light
Tom Goth- Courtesy Andy Dorais

Old man- Courtesy Jason Dorais
Jason Dorais

Bart Gillespie- Courtesy Jason Dorais
Andy Dorais- Courtesy Jason Dorais
Old man-Courtesy Jason Dorais
Justin Wilson- Courtesy Jason Dorais
Tom Goth- Courtesy Jason Dorais
Morning Magic