February 24, 2018

Winter's Awakening Por Fin (February 2018)

This winter goes down as the second driest the Wasatch Range has known since record. I think the other was in 1977. I was just a young kid so I don't remember. I can say that as it finally kicked into gear a couple weeks ago, leaving the climbing and mountain biking behind was almost difficult. Hibernation I guess is a real thing. The last 10 days of snow have been really great though. Pictures tell a thousand lines so I will let to them speak. Especially cool for me this year is that my middle son has now taken to AT skiing and has now done a couple neat ski tours with me. A heck of a skier, young Carson, 16 seems to feel right at home.

Pow- Courtesy Lars
Carson- First Ski Tour! Crushing it
Not a bad morning- Courtesy Lars
Carson- Second Tour! Paradise
Me- Courtesy Lars
Carson freezing
Lars bringing it

Wind River Annual Back Pack Trip August 2017 and Autumn Climbing 2017

I have been late on posting some of my favorite pics from our annual fathers and sons back pack trip to the Winder River Range.  This past year's the trip in August 2017 consisted of a couple days in Cirque of the Towers and then three days in the great Temple District. This was my oldest son's last trip with us for a couple years while he serves in Mexico on his LDS mission. We have been doing these trips for a decade. As summer 2018 rolls around, we will miss him so much.

My 3 Boys

The Cirque after a heavy rain the night prior

A top East Temple Peak

A look of East Temple's East Face- Owen dumbstruck by the exposure
Brothers and cousins
Great Alex and Deep Lake below
Incredible morning with my sons
The entire gang

A couple of my favorite Autumn shots of my sons and I. The young lads are learning the ropes. Alex had left us for Mexico at this point.

Carson and I (Carson in Red)- Courtesy Owen
Owen on the ever-beautiful Coffin Crack