March 29, 2014

White Baldy and Lake Peak

As life passes ever so quickly, day to day activities become the essence of our existence. However, far too often our senses and emotions become dulled from the stresses of life. The occasional entry into an environment that is far greater than ourselves provides a unique perspective on life.

I was able to get work off yesterday afternoon. Amidst lots of new snow, shrouded blue skies and an electricity in the mountains you could grab a hold of, Scott and I skinned up Red Pine to the lake then up to the ridge of Great White Baldy (GWB). We found the west,  rocky exposed traverse to be splendid all the way to the top with a few winds and moments of low visibility. Reaching the summit, the sun ripped open the sky and magnified the environment where we sat. We skied off the Northwest face of GWB, in knee deep heaven all the way down to the upper lake.

We then moved up the backside of Lake Peak to the top and after cutting a cornice, entered an untouched East Couloir.  Best turns of the year for me; deep, light and consistent.
Scott, West Ridge GWB

Scott enjoying the granite and verglass
Me moving along upper part of GW Baldy Ridge
Winter in the Wasatch! Below summit of GWB
Scott ripping around the sharks from summit GWB

Me wrapping up the afternoon in Lake's East Couloir
Scott and Lake's East Couloir