August 21, 2015

Summer's High Points- At least some of them

It's been a nice summer with my family. My sons and I did some great travels together  in the hills while they were out on break. Now back in school, I reflect on some neat times together and a few trips on my own or with friends.

Red Pine Overnighter

My 14 and 11 year old and I enjoyed a full moon on White Baldy and then to head up the way too visited Pfiefferhorn. I remember when this peak used to see maybe 100 visitors a year. Now 300/day are on it. What is happening to the Wasatch???

Owen and Carson!

Pfief to Lone, Out Big Willow

My oldest son and Vance Twitchell and I went up the Pfief and then he and Alex had to get down for commitments, while I went on to Lone and then out.  
Vance left, Alex right

Big Alex

South Thunder looking at Big Horn and Lone

Rubble piles from Lone


Chasing a Blue Moon- Triple Traverse with Jason Dorais

Our moods got the better of us, we started at 830 PM and climbed Twins, Sunrise and Dromedary under a mystical full moon. It was rad for sure. Got down just before 1:30 AM.
Saddle heading up to Twin- Crazy cool photo- Courtesy Jason Dorais

Top of Twins and Terribly Expanded Valley- Courtesy Jason Dorais

Me, Sunrise Peak and the beaming Tram- Courtesy Jason Dorais

Haunting Shadow of Sunrise Peak, on Top.- Courtesy Jason Dorais

Me, and the Peaks behind, top of Dromedary- Courtesy Jason Dorais

Back Pack Trip to Amethyst Basin

Each year my sons and I do an extended back pack trip. My brother and his son often join us for part of it. This year we stuck around and went into Amethyst. Sadly, we found at least 30 different fire pits, no vegetation in most camp spots and the place terribly overrun. This needs attention. If you go there please use some key wilderness principles. Remember, we are only visitors in these mountains, they belong to someone much greater than ourselves. Besides this, we had a wonderful time together.

My boys and I

Owen and his cousin Ethan

Amethyst Lake, Ostler Peak on the right

My brother in alpenglow

Ostler Peak, on top of ridge

My three sons, packing out on day 4