June 25, 2016

More LCC Granite

This week, Alex and I got out on a route I hadn't visited in far too long.

Alex leading us on the traverse to Sasquatch "Cain?"
Alex seconding past the roof
Topping Out

June 18, 2016

The rock remains the same

Last week my brother emailed me a picture he took of his nephew, my son probably a decade ago. Seen below, Alex has changed, but the crack on this Wasatch classic remains the same.  This morning I got to reflect on many good times together.  This route has been part of my life for 20 years. Many friends, family have spent hours with me here. 

Alex- 7 yrs old pretending to belay me- Credit Jeff Ambrose

Alex today
Alex seconding Green A
Couldn't resist this shot of unknown climber on Gordon's Hangover

June 6, 2016

The mountains, my son and I

Time seems to fleet ever so quickly before my eyes. It seems like yesterday my oldest son was a newborn. Today he is as big as me and becoming more fluent in the ways of the mountains. Spending time with him is a treasure and I am grateful to be filling our chest of memories.  He is a great young man. Recently, we have been climbing some multi-pitch routes (despite pneumonia that has plagued me for several weeks) and we look forward with hope to a wonderful summer together. 

Memorial Day- Outside Corner, BCC
The boy topping out first pitch
Pitch 3 I think- We were behind 3 other parties!

Saturday- Gate Buttress. LCC
Alex in morning light
After 6 pitches and leaving it all behind