July 22, 2018

City of Rocks- Family Outting

A couple weeks ago we were able to get away from the doldrums of life to a much greater place for the mind to clear up and feel of the glories of nature once again. It's so wonderful to climb with my kids. My wife, a great belayer for the past 25 years, still has yet to catch the bug of moving on the rock. We voyaged to the great City of Rocks. 

We found the quality of granite as supreme as the setting and surrounded by fellow towers that gaze at you while attempting one route or another. The rock has a different personality than what I find in the Wasatch, it is coarser, mottled and edgy. For two and half days, we climbed classics on Elephant Rock, Morning Glory Spire, Super Hits and Parking Lot rock. As the evening's power would close the page on the day, the setting sun would remind us that yet another morning would come filled with incredible experiences.

Morning Glory Spire- Courtesy Marcie Ambrose

14 year-old Owen
Carson climbing the steep and lovely granite
Owen's working through his rappel
Summer crushing it
Owen topping out on Elephant Rock