May 3, 2014

Winter that keeps giving

Jared sent me and some of the folks a text Monday evening (April 28, 2014), asking who was up for a Tuesday morning tour, following 20+ inches of cold spring snow. I knew I had a conference call right at 8am that I had to be on, so with limited time, I put the fly on the water, a 530 AM start and graciously Jared bit. The morning was magically cold, with a stillness in the air as we joined Alta local and Wasatch luminary Chris Cawley heading up pole line. With the same destination, we became a threesome along a trackless ridge line.  Up high we were met by an icy northwest wind. We continued up into a clear blue morning, accompanied by a firey red movie screen of a mountain around us.  We welcomed dawn as we descended into the trackless Turkey Chute of Superior.  The skiing was too good to stop for pictures.

Chris breaking- Courtesy SLC Samurai