March 2, 2016

Stairs Gulch

Yesterday morning before work, Lars and skied the Stairs Gulch. Skiing this massive avalanche path would be the first time for both of us.  Each of us has always wanted to do it, however success in this mega chute hinges on adequate coverage and safe snow conditions. I guess yesterday was our day. 

We ascended via Broads Fork to the top of the high black knob overlooking the mighty Deaf Smith and then down the drain we went into Stairs Gulch. It was a beautiful morning for sure as the wispy clouds cloaked the atmosphere, heightening our moods. We enjoyed the many quartzite couloirs that boasted their rugged-nature with lacings of blue ice.  The skiing was a mixed bag all the way down but the terrain was incredible.

The Stairs yields 5,000 feet of descent we got nearly all of it except for the very bottom which now feels like April dirt-hiking. 

From on high
Down the drain- Courtesy Lars
Hand line
Character of the terrain