June 1, 2013

American Fork Twins and Red Stack- It's still winter!

Spring is one of my favorite seasons and days like to today amplify my interest in this time of year. Vegetation in the low land is coming forth, while white veins of snow linger in the high places. With American Fork Twins being inaccessible via the Snowbird side all winter, the boundary signs have now come down allowing Scott and I to have an amazingly nice morning on this wonderful mountain.

The lower skinning in the resort was icy but as we entered the apron of the Pipeline we found soft conditions with even a twist of early Aprilish snow.  With an interest in soaking up as much Pipeline and surrounding environs as possible and because it was so much fun, we did multiple ascents of the couloir. The first and third climbs included tagging the summit of AF Twins proper. The skiing was remarkably good, however the Pipeline was a bit runneled halfway down.

On top of the AF Twins for the second time we eyed a nice line off the back side (northeast) of Red Stack that would drop us right into Snowbird's boundary. Scott and I did a quick fun traverse over to Red Stack's top along a beautiful ridgeline with smooth corn and all the great Little Cottonwood peaks staring us down. From the top we found our line, a rock filled, steep and strangely contrived spot that proved fantastic and filled in with heavy powdery snow. Someone had been in the line just after the snow this week, making about 4 turns and jumping what we call the choke, which we down climbed!

The waking giant- AF Twins

Scott descending Pipeline

Above pipeline, Scott en-route to top for second time

Heading over to Red Stack, our line is right off top, left of Scott's helmet

Scott and AF Twin West Summit (south side)- beautiful morning!

Me, dropping in off Red Stack, courtesy Scott Wetzel
Me down climbing the choke
Scott midway down chute- Powder (we keep telling ourselves that)!!