December 27, 2014

Santa delivered

Christmas in the Wasatch can be unpredictable. Some years we feel that Santa may have left us hanging, while other years, like this one, he comes through just in time. Prior to last weekend, we wondered if a White Christmas was in the cards. The past few days resolved that doubt. With a couple major dumpings, Christmas night's was special, dropping 16-20" of extremely water deprived snow.

Day 1- December 26th 
Sticking to lines of caution and in cold temperatures, Justin W. and I enjoyed low-angle deep skiing at one of our favorite spots. While sticking to the same area, each lap produced it's own version of holiday cheer.  The skiing was, well, remarkable.

Day 2- December 27th (today)
Things had stabilized more. With limited time, at 7 AM and while exiting our car, Justin W. and I noticed headlamps near the top of pole line. It seemed like everyone wanted Superior, as there was a stack of groups making their voyage to the top. We did too. Amazing morning light filled our vision. We were fortunate to be the first two in the mainline from the top.  After checking stability, we gorged on deep untracked powder, that at the time was perfect. The snow quantity and pitch made for some sluffing near the top.

Gear note- Camp Magic Jacket greatly complimented our travels. Even though temps were nearing zero, we used them both up and down.

Day 1
Justin showing the way

Justin pushing off. 

One of those days

Enjoying our own highway 
Day 2
DF and dawn

Justin moving up

Justin, faceshot
Me just below top couloir
Me skiing through our sluff from the top

Justin middle apron

December 21, 2014

Upper Little Cottonwood in Bony Conditions

The Wasatch continues to suffer from delayed winters. This year is no different, in fact worse than I can remember. That said, corduroy has been a constant. 

Yesterday morning Lars and I headed into upper Little Cottonwood.  We experienced it all, fun rocky scrambling moves to the top of Superior, heavy westerly winds, more rocks, some good snow down South Superior, motion sickness from poor visibility, and a ride at the bottom from Jay Burke, Park City P2P race director who must have succumbed to Lars' grin and hitch-hiker thumb. Then to finish out our morning, perfect conditions up and down Toledo.

Lars rocking the morning

Me with a foggy dawn breaking

December 13, 2014

Winter's Dawn 2014/15

While being confined to date to artificial snow, certain treasures have been had. Time with important friends and family, solitude in the darkness and mornings such as these remind me why I love the mountains.