February 24, 2018

Winter's Awakening Por Fin (February 2018)

This winter goes down as the second driest the Wasatch Range has known since record. I think the other was in 1977. I was just a young kid so I don't remember. I can say that as it finally kicked into gear a couple weeks ago, leaving the climbing and mountain biking behind was almost difficult. Hibernation I guess is a real thing. The last 10 days of snow have been really great though. Pictures tell a thousand lines so I will let to them speak. Especially cool for me this year is that my middle son has now taken to AT skiing and has now done a couple neat ski tours with me. A heck of a skier, young Carson, 16 seems to feel right at home.

Pow- Courtesy Lars
Carson- First Ski Tour! Crushing it
Not a bad morning- Courtesy Lars
Carson- Second Tour! Paradise
Me- Courtesy Lars
Carson freezing
Lars bringing it

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