December 1, 2012

Winter's Deja Vu

The past couple of weeks have yielded a scanty harvest in the way of skiing. With super dry conditions, lower trails are completely clear for mountain biking, trail running and the rock climbing has been like September too.  My wife and I have spent more time together on bikes or with trail shoes this November than ever before it seems. 

With skis on my feet, I have been able to log some vertical in the faded white mountains a couple times this week in either the dark of the morning or late at night. Traveling alone with the moon, the wind has been more of a foe than a friend. However this morning with the winds trying to taper and a few much needed inches, the resort skinning at Brighton was better than I had expected. Right now I feel like I am reliving last year.

A blurry dawn Dec 1- 2012
My middle boy moving up on "Crack in the Woods" 5.9 , LCC-- Thanksgiving Week 2012

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