December 22, 2012

Congratulations Jason

The first time I met Jason Dorais was what we laugh and call our blind date.  The arrangements for our meeting up back then were made by Jared as he was unable to join me. That day Jason and I did an excellent ski tour ticking off some of the Wasatch's greatest gems all in a push.  Our adventures together have continued. Fast forward to December 20, 2012. Andy being the incredible brother he is, put together a bachelor party unlike most where spirits were elevated by wintery mountain peaks, a barbeque on top of East Silver Fork and endless low density powder all to be lapped by just us guys (or so it seemed). Andy faithfully stood by the grill, cooking brats for us all. Our celebration was for Jason and his marriage which occured just yesterday to Amanda.  Their marriage was so special. I am ever grateful for people like the Dorais. Their boundless positive nature, filled with limitless energy and a sincere desire to eek out of every moment that opportunity to be happy is one in a million.  Jason and Amanda, congratulations! Here are some memorable pictures of the party. I had to leave early and apparently and luckily missed out on some additional festivities.

Shuttling the gear. Andy and his big wall haul bag

The Man of The Hour, Mr. Jason Dorais

Bart G


Jared, reliving his days on Denali

The goods and Andy the chef

The puffy and colorful crew

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