January 1, 2013

A New Year's Celebration- Red Baldy

With another great year over and a new one upon us, it seemed appropriate to get out early this morning with friends and enjoy some of the remaining good snow from the last storm system. The frigid temperatures (so it felt like to me), low level snow clouds which parted right around 9,500 elevation,  reminded me of New Years past.  With the winds picking up, time was limited to get some good high alpine skiing in. Scott, Eric and I enjoyed Red Baldy.  A party or two had skied it either yesterday or the days prior, so a skinner was in a good part of the way. The skiing off the main face to skiers right from the top ridge proved to be our line. The conditions in sections were deteriorating, with the beginnings of wind loading. Superficial cracking was also starting.  We did find some wonderful turns though, improving as we descended to the apron. Happy New Year Scott and Eric! Great morning. I made it home as the family was just getting up. Just in time for Danish Pastry too!

Eric and beautifully shrouded cottonwood ridge behind

The always lovely summit ridge on Red Baldy

Stylish Scott on Red Baldy with the Pfief bidding him good morning


Coming off Red Baldy

Scott and Lake Peak's East Couloir

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