February 28, 2013

Kessler- Catcher's Mitt

Kessler can be a wild card. Slides can be tremendous on all aspects; when timed right however the skiing can be phenomenal. Early this morning, Eric Badger, Blake Fredrickson and I amidst chalking morning skies and dying headlamps ascended the standard Argenta slide path to the top of Kessler. Much to my wonderful surprise we ran into Jake Tauscht on top! I hadn't seen him since our Cathedral Traverse trip in August. Once again he had that wild grin and excitement to be in the mountains.  We chose to descend the Catcher's Mitt, enjoying one pain filled powder turn after another.
Blake entering the top of the Catcher's Mitt

Other than racing against him, I had never skied with Blake on a "tour." It was great! He loves the mountains, is filled with energy charged by the electrical atmosphere of the alpine. Much like Eric! I look forward to many more equally great mountain adventures with him. Unfortunately I haven't replaced my lost camera. This shot is the best I could do this time.

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