February 5, 2013

Winter's Passage of Time

This morning I was alone, skinning amidst a blanket of stars, headlamp doused and a moon piercing the blackness while cascading daunting shadows of tall Wasatch Peaks over me. While moving upwards, I counted my many blessings in life and the chance I had to be surrounded by nature so early in the morning.   

Owen my third boy who is 9 years old has been praying with us as a family for certain people struggling with health challenges. Owen is a special boy of blue eyes, shaggy blond hair and a fire for life. A couple weeks ago he heard me talking about needing to get out and ski. He asked me, "Dad do you need some Skimotherapy?" I smiled and said "for sure." How did he come up with that?

Below are a couple pictures of Skimotherapy over the past few weeks. Gratefully we take the therapy together, challenging one another to achieve goals that independently hold invisible values.

This last Saturday, Jared Inouye, Jason Dorais, Tom Goth, Sam and Aaron Inouye and I traversed from Alta to Millcreek. It was a riot to do it rando style. A few in skinsuits, others a bit more relaxed, but the whole time filled with laughter. It was nice to be out in the sun!! Jared choreographed the shuttles and put it together. The morning was beautiful, outstanding northerly aspects and even better company.  The only bummer, I lost my little camera, so I am using one of Jared's pics below. My camera has been so many places with me.
Courtesy Jared Inouye. Last climb of the day.

The OR Wasatch Skimo Series Race was another great memory in January.  Tom flew away with the race of course.  Andy Dorais put on an incredible morning race, with 3 summits. It was fun to ski with Chad B and several other folks from out of town like Pete Swenson during the event.  Andy and others have really stepped up to put on these outstanding events. 

Post race and spandex! Chad Brackelsberg (left), Tom Goth and me-- Courtesy Andy Dorais

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  1. "Skimotherapy"..........no side effects what-so-ever. Perfect.