March 1, 2013

The Y Couloir- Mogul Tour

This morning I took some time off work and met Jared Inouye at a humane hour for a quick ascent up what has apparently become a popular line.  The Y Couloir has always held its mystery even for those of us that have skied it. There is something about the way it rises 3,500 vertical into the heavens from the floor of the canyon.
Y Couloir Dead Center (Taken from South Ridge East Twin in 2011)
Upon arriving in the chute proper we were amazed at how tracked out it was.  I asked Jared "are those moguls?" He concurred they definitely were a species of moguls. We moved up the booter which came and went due to spin drift filling the holes in. Nearing the top the booter was nearly absent. About 100 feet from the very top, we tested a wind pillow which quickly sheered about 9 or so inches in depth and around 15 feet wide. The northwesterly winds had drifted snow on the top, making the conditions more dangerous than we wanted to be in. That was enough; we stopped,  turned around and skied down, variable powder, crud, ice, and yes unfortunately something like moguls. It made for some fun on race skis for sure.

My photos were taken with my 9 year old's camera which is usually used for snapping shots of Lego figurines fighting in his pretend battle ground....

Jared moving through a choke in the Y

 Jared in a faded picture I tried to enhance color wise. Up another choke in the Y

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