May 24, 2013

Spring on the west slabs

Andy Dorais and I had a splendid solo up the West Slabs of Olympus today.  The main couloir still boasting a good deal of snow was a bit too firm for just approach/running shoes. Not having an ice axe, we each kicked quick steps while carrying a sharp piece of quartzite instead.

Upon reaching the rock, the slabs were wonderful as always. Although, they felt steeper and more blank than normal. Signs of old age. Not wanting to slide for life down the snow couloir we chose a detour from the top of the slabs and traversed up to the north summit and then over to the south summit of Olympus. We didn't take pictures but should have. I did actually sneak one in here of Andy talking with what seemed to be kind of a bearded hermit that graciously offered us dried almonds;  asking us if there was a safer way down than the usual trail. We weren't sure what to say. He was a nice man, obviously content to stare at the view as shown below.
Andy! Olympus south summit


  1. Sounded like a great day, wish I could have gotten out of bed!