May 27, 2013

Baldy- Great Skiing Continues

This weekend I had two great trips on Baldy.

Saturday was a busy day with many important family activities. I only had a short amount of time to get something in, so I took Andy's advice and did a quick trip on Baldy to soak in some more turns. I got a late start (probably too late) from the lower parking lot and put on my skis a few yards up where the snow begins. The snow was spring for sure but a beautiful day! I had to be home in less than two hours. So, in a hurry I climbed Baldy main and then up to the barren top. I then skied down my up line on soft cornish snow mixed with rock shards and some really run turns on the apron.  Arriving at the bottom, with a car to car time of 1 hr 7 minutes, I had a few minutes to spare making it home for a family festivities. I'm so grateful to have been raised here!

This morning, Jason and I in an effort to continue our Memorial Day ski tradition, got out and skinned up icy snow to Hidden Peak and then over to Baldy. We descended down Baldy Main and found soft fun skiing! With some rock spots increasing in size. We then traversed over and back into Snowbird. Last year the bird was closed at this time so we could ski the Pipeline, but with it still open, Pipeline didn't happen this year.
 Baldy on Saturday

Looking down the Main on Saturday- Not bad right?

Jason and a dry Baldy summit

Jason in the Main

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  1. Skiing will be an everlasting ingredient in their lives and they'll be forever grateful to you as adults!

    Brian Head Utah