September 9, 2012

Pre Autumn Climbing

Yesterday early in the morning I took another run at the West Slabs of Olympus, this time alone. It was quiet and the rock was cool with the autumn leaves changing below me. In the afternoon after soccer games, skate boarding lessons and cleaning bathrooms, my sons and I did some climbing on the local granitic crags. My boys are still young but are developing a love and respect for the beauty of nature and the adventure that each day in the mountains provides.

Young man working on "Satan's Corner" LCC

Older boy topping out 2nd pitch and his younger brother trailing on Becky's Wall"
Younger brother enjoying steep granite and a tight rope


  1. Because you're too humble to mention it, it should be noted as a reference that the 46 minutes it took you to get up Olympus via West Slabs is lazy. Were you carrying a full rack?

    As with all of your efforts, I'd be stoked if I could complete this in 2x-3x your time.

    1. I blame it on the heavy 20 oz water bottle I was carrying....

  2. Replies
    1. Ambrose=afraid to hear what time Jason does it in. Car to top of West Slabs.... let's hear it Jason....