September 3, 2012

Labor Day and the West Slabs

In an effort to break Jared away from his road running training, this morning a trip up the West Slabs of Olympus was just what he needed and well, me too. Here are some shots today of our 2 hour 28 minute trip. Up the West Slabs, traversed to the north and then the south summits of Olympus, then out the main west trail.  Today my mind flashed back to my first outing up the West Slabs route in 1994.   My friend Marty and I pitched it out with ropes and there was a dog that had followed us to the base of the slabs and barked for several hours while we did one belay after another. The dog still there and upon our return to the bottom of the slabs route, had climbed itself up a ways and was terrified. We thought about calling search and rescue or something but instead we rigged up a harness and lowered him off (I just assume it was a he). The dog got home I suspect and so did we like 8 or so hours after we had started. No dogs followed Jared and I today.

Jared low on the West Slabs
Jared climbing the upper portion
Jared on the move
Jared asking me if I got new glasses, "Yes Jared same glasses style I used when I was 4 and learning to ski."
Jared working towards the North Summit of Olympus
Traversing near North Summit
South Summit shot, then on down the main trail to the car


  1. Wish I could have been there too, nice work!

  2. Looks like a cool quick trip, much better than my boring trail run yesterday. I want a pair of those shades!