February 24, 2019

2018/2019 Winter Recap (so far!)

This winter has been, well, pretty amazing in my great home here in the little Wasatch.  Since the age of 4, I have skied and spent time in these mountains. Each year has had its time filled with happiness and goodness but also challenge. Some of the years however just stand out for one reason or another.  The winter of 2010/2011 and this winter have been two of those banner years in my mind's memory bank. This year has been one of those from a winter mountain travel perspective. 

The snow this year has been off the charts good, so there has been a lot of unreal skiing and great memories. This year we have consistently had to deal with wind loading, dangerous aged facets in the snow pack and frankly heavy snow loads. It's been interesting and wonderful In addition my wife and son are touring more too which has been a real treat. I have had some great days with my friends.  Setting personal vertical goals has been fun and fulfilling too. Some of my favorite shots from the season stand below.  

My boy Carson drilling 4K of vert this day
Scott W in White Pine
Lars- T Fork

Lars in TG Slide Path
Breaking Trail in B Fork
Pretty Deep
Not a bad day in WP Couloir
Lars on a trackless morning
Pretty good morning
Courtesy Jeff Ambrose

Justin W Crushing It
An action shot- Courtesy Will Hansen
Brother Jeff Ambrose
My sweetie

My boy Carson!

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