November 7, 2018

Reptile Ridge

Saturday morning on October 27th, Owen my 14 year old and I met up with Brian Smoot and Annie Smoot, Brian's daughter for an excellent outing in upper Little Cottonwood. Brian, a legend in many aspects, an incredible father, husband and example to me has spent years developing the climbing on the Pawn. Lucky for Owen and I, Brian invited us along. We got to choose which of his first ascent routes we wanted to climb too! All of them I hoped, but we selected the "Path of the Argonian." A most lovely line with a perfect mixture of face and crack climbing. We climbed as two teams. Brian has an incredible eye for new lines, is one of the great climbing pioneers of the Wasatch Range and a climbing historian extraordinaire. 

We had a delightful time with Annie and Brian, who obviously share a very strong bond, punctuated by the rope between them. It was great for me to have the opportunity to do a multi-pitch route with Owen high in the range. Climbing with your children is the most rewarding of experiences. We were out all day for an incredible journey just the four of us in the spectacular mountains we call home.

Owen and Annie coming up fixed line set by Johnathan Smoot
Brian following Annie on he and his brother Johnathan's line
Owen coming up the first pitch
Brian and Annie
Owen on the fabulous pitch 2
Annie following her dad on Pitch 3
Me and Owen Pitch 3- Courtesy Annie Smoot
Owen topping out on Pitch 3
Another shot of Pitch 3, the Thumb Summit below- Courtesy Brian Smoot
Brian heading up Pitch 4 with Coalpit in the background
Owen near the top of Pitch 4
Courtesy Annie Smoot
Summit!- Courtesy Brian Smoot
Brian and his rope post two abseils- Lone and Thunder staring from behind

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