August 3, 2017

Bugaboo Provincial Park, Canada

Last month, Jason Dorais and I spent several days climbing in the mystical Bugaboo Range in Canada. Really it's difficult to put into words the beauty and majesty of these most incredible granite spires.  The notoriously rapid changing and violent weather of the range held up to its reputation as we found ourselves dodging storms the entire time.  As weather windows would open for us, we would rush to our desired routes and get on them as quickly as possible.  

More than just the world-class climbing was the simple aspect of just being present among some of the greatest creations on earth (at least from what I have seen).  Hardened Bugaboo climbers are amazing alpinists. Being a newbie to the range, I was impressed by some of the folks camping at Applebee Dome and the routes they had climbed before the weather went south and what they were holding out to do.  This was Jason's third time to the range.  To see him absorb the energy of the environment was really neat to witness. We walked away with tremendous prizes but also a growing list of possibilities, which we look forward to returning to make a reality.  

When we got back into cell range, I got a text from my middle son, "Yo Dad how are the Bugaboos?" Hopefully he will get his own answer next year when he joins us.

Pigeon Spire

Snowpatch Spire
Wild and Icy morning- Bugaboo Spire
Background- South Howser 
Bugaboo Glacier
Bugaboo and Snowpatch Spires below
Sidewalk of Pigeon

Pitch 1 Bugaboo

Pitch 4 of McTech Arete- Crescent Spire- Courtesy Jason Dorais

Calm between storms
Eyeing a short-lived window
Jason on McTech Arete- Crescent Spire
2nd to last rappel of McTech