January 30, 2016

Memorial Couloirs

Yesterday, Jared, Bart and I got away from work early to do a quick trip into Neff's Canyon around 330 PM and then onto the east side of Olympus to ski. A light rain greeted the lower elevations but gratefully the snow was falling as we entered into one of the Memorial Couloirs (climber's left of the south summit of Olympus) with low visibility. Reaching the top, the southwesterly winds howled. After a nice descent, we arrived back to the car just as the front really settled in and the evening light was dying over the Oquirrhs.

A side note. While skinning up, Jared shared with Bart and I an experience he had shared with a mutual friend, Ben Jacobsen years ago in this region. Ben was a friend to many, to my brother he was a business partner and a dear friend. Our thoughts go to you Ben in that perfect heaven and to your family here on earth. 

Bart first turns from the top

Seeking the safe zone

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