April 11, 2014

Dromedary and White Pine Couloir

This morning Jared, Louie (a writer and photographer) and I had an excellent steep tour along a couple sections of the Cottonwood Ridge.

We aimed for an ascent of Dromedary via Tanners, then to ski from the summit down the east face and over to Little Pine Couloir. Everything went as planned, semi early start, firm conditions along the south face of Dromedary and a really nice ski off the top of Dromedary. In working our way from upper Blanche area to Little Pine, we found things warming quickly. We reached the ridge and ended up skiing down the White Pine Couloir instead of Little. It was packed with avy debris, but luckily we could hang on the east headwall most the way down. It was good to get off the mountains early as conditions were obviously quickly deteriorating.

A side note- I had previously lost my pair of ski crampons. Jason, who recently started Skimo Co had just the crampons I needed. It is exciting to see a local business like this starting out strong and supplying exactly what we need. Keep at it Jason!

Approaching summit via exposed ridgeline
Jared, top of Dromedary, beautiful morning
Jared coming off of the East Face of Dromedary Summit

Jared ripping the East Face

Jared working towards White Pine Couloir


  1. Cool. Seems like a fun way to access White Pine.

    1. It is a fun way to enter the WP couloir for sure. Too bad it was so hateful at the bottom due to debris. Next time!