January 20, 2014

Lake Peak

I had the day off today, so did Scott W.  With limited time, crystal clear skies and a full moon, Scott and I set out towards White Pine at 530 this morning. The temperatures were nice with a full range of snow conditions underfoot as we skinned towards Lake Peak (LP).  Headlamps were doused as the moon shone our way up a skinner that had been set days ago.  With nothing but the trees, stars, and the towering peaks of granite surrounding us, our spirits were lifted high as we reached the base of the peak. We evaluated things and decided to move up the East Couloir as the conditions at the time seemed reasonable and the absence of a significant cornice provided additional comfort. Upon reaching the top of LP, several emeralds of the Wasatch were awaiting on the other side, highlighted by a deep orange rim of a breaking dawn.

I was raised in the Wasatch and each and every morning that I am up high in the range I am filled with gratitude as my senses are enlivened to what my eyes and soul are beholding.  I love my home. Surprised that after waiting for things to mellow over several days, the east aspect skied quite well.  Our biggest concern was at the top of the couloir, where a thin hard slab seemed to be forming. Our exit was a mixed assortment as we skied powder, rime crust and wind board. We finished our morning at 830 AM with big smiles.

Scott moving up

Wasatch emeralds at dawn

A quick booter to the top

Scott and the awakening White Baldy
Me on the way home in good snow- Courtesy Scott W.

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