August 24, 2013

Mount Timpanogos with Davy and Dingo

Yesterday I got a welcomed call from a long time friend. Davy, asked if I wanted to run Timp in the morning. How do you say no to good times in the high mountains with possibly one of the most fun and cool guys in the world? Our friendship started like 15 years ago in Draper. Our wives both had our now oldest kids around the same time. We would run and ride mountain bikes together often and hit the road trying to sell my product of line of back packs to ski shops.  He paced me in my first long foot race and has been like a brother to me. Davy is an amazing character, absolutely hilarious, excellent father and a super physically strong guy.

Grandpa Davy (coined by the kids at the skate park) and his faithful family dog Dingo were good enough to let me join them this morning. We had a blast! We started at Timpanooke, running past lots of hikers in the morning dawn. We were welcomed into the high range by clearing skies and cool temperatures. The mountains towered above us with the first rays of morning light. A few flowers remained, as Dingo the superstar sniffed each of them. The summit had high southerly winds and clouds unfortunately obscuring the view. The last time I was up there, I was with the Dorais and Jared traversing the range on skis.

The summit visit was brief, although we did see a couple who had packed their what looked to be less than 1 year old son to the summit in the rough conditions. That kid will be a beast or scarred for life from the lack of oxygen. We motored down the mountain, passing lots of BYU fans on their way up and arriving to the car at 9:45 AM. 
Massive Timp Main

Cloudy summit

Grandpa Davy and his amazing pal Dingo

The three amigos- freezing our butts off (at least I was)

Davy, Dingo doing the running pose- we were actually on our way down

Davy and Dingo and brilliant color-filled sky

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