July 30, 2013

SL Twin Peaks- via FC

Scott and I got an early start on Saturday as we both had family commitments to be at in the morning. This summer has been loaded with my boys' baseball games, church youth activities, lots of work and backpacking with my sons.

While folks were at the Speedgoat, Scott and I were lonely in the high hills. It was a nice morning, threatened by rain the whole time. We moved at a steady pace and had a great time.
Muscles and upper FC

The mighty Deaf Smith

Ridge to Black Horn

Scott and summit of Black Horn

Top of Twin East after tagging Twin West


  1. So far that has been my favorite route up Twin. Amazing ridge travel. You are like a goat in that stuff. I'd like to say it is fun to watch you negotiate the terrain, but you're out of sight within minutes....

  2. Yo Chad, last time I tried to do Twins from Fergy I got totally bogged down in schwak as I lost the trail(it was at night, but still no excuse). Is there indeed a trail most of the way? I didn't make it very far(to the waterfall) before getting lost. Do you just follow the low point in the canyon most of the way? Any beta you have to offer a navigation idiot would be helpful. skweiler17@gmail.com