November 11, 2012

Changing Landscapes

The second significant, measurable storm reached the Wasatch mountains this weekend. Like many of the storms that cycle through the canyons, we dwellers of the valley see a bit too at our homes. Yesterday to celebrate, Jared, Jason and I made it up the dicey Little Cottonwood Canyon road in darkness to be awakened by morning light, a blizzard and icy winds. The snow stake reported 18" in upper LCC. We approached with interest and caution as the new snow was hypersensitive sending shallow sluffs from the top 4" in a radius about 50 feet above our travels. Specifically the slopes north east facing were active. We did a great little tour enjoying each others company and absorbing the cold vibes of a mountain winter landscape. It seemed like more than 18" of fresh and the super low angles we stayed on and "skied" were not sufficient to gain enough speed to make turns.  Nonetheless, the great white has arrived and we welcome it with gladness.  One thing's for sure, I felt like a naked bear as I froze my tail off. Two coats for the descent weren't sufficient. My camera's battery died too from the cold. Sorry. I need to acclimate.  As of right now the stake tells me 44" storm total upper LCC.
Backyard. Good snow. Too flat to ski.

Happy Veterans Day!

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