October 4, 2012

Winter is nearing

As I recover from a recent surgery, all I can do for a couple weeks is live in the past. Below are some of my favorite pictures from winters past.

Andy Dorais- East Hourglass Couloir Nez Perce, Tetons

Jason Dorais Southwest Face, Broad Fork Twin Peaks
Andy Dorais descending the very steep East Face from the Summit of Middle Teton, Teton Range

Scott Wetzel  enjoying great snow on the Apron Lake Peak East Couloir

Sam Inouye near summit of North Thunder, Wasatch Mountains
Sloppy skis, a bike helmet and the Dike Pinnacle, Teton Range
Jason Dorais nearing the bottom of the Hypodermic Needle, Wasatch Mountains

Hip belay and the Northwest Couloir, Pfieferhorn- Courtesy Andy Dorais

Topping out of the Y Couloir- Courtesy Jason Dorais
Andy left, Jared Inouye, Jason, Main Summit Timpanogos

Sliver Couloir, Wasatch Mountains- Courtesy Jason Dorais

Jason Dorais, traversing the Timpanogos Range
A hulking cornice on Sunrise Peak, Wasatch Mountains

Andy Dorais, nearing Main Summit Timpanogos

This video shows one the better quality snow days last year at the tail end where we had some really nice fun mellow turns in Cardiac Bowl. It was more of a party as we cruised along one laughter filled run after another. Scott, Rick ,Justin and I.  Jeff, my brother did the editing of the video.   Winter is almost here!

Cardiac Bowl March 2012 from Chad Ambrose on Vimeo.

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