January 23, 2015

PSA- Snowbird Uphill Policy is Changing

In visiting with Snowbird Mountain Resort's management today, I was disappointed to find out that they are "re-setting" their uphill policy. As of February 1, 2015 skinning uphill will no longer be permitted. Apparently, there has been enough uphill traffic to force them to evaluate things, and some folks just simply are not obeying their policies, specifically while skiing down. I was super surprised to hear there are people riding snow bikes from AF up into Snowbird. Really?  It is Winter, and it is a ski/board resort. 

I personally am so grateful to Snowbird for the years I have been able to enjoy rando travel on their mountain, when it has been permissible to do so.  It is my sincere hope, that with enough positive feedback from our community of rando skiers that Snowbird will reconsider and possibly designate a specific up/down route on their mountain so we can continue to enjoy this God created treasure of the Wasatch.  Selfishly, I need the view from Hidden Peak.

If you would like to express your gratitude and good/positive ideas with the resort, now is the time. Call their switchboard and ask to speak with their resort management or mountain operations.

These are just two reasons I love to skin at Snowbird

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